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October  2005 - Unwired Embraces Windows Mobile 5.0 Technology

Unwired announce its intention to utilise the latest generation of Microsoft Windows Mobile technology in its inspection solutions. Benefits include seamless high quality image capture, integrated mobile communications, and screen rotation capability providing an enhanced user experience, and the ability to deploy on a wider range of the latest devices.


June 2005 -  LeasePlan Goes Live With Handheld Maintenance Inspection System

LeasePlan (UK) goes live with Unwired's routine vehicle maintenance and inspection system to monitor and inspect one of their clients fleet of 1000+ vans every month.


February 2005 - Hertz Goes Live With Handheld De-Fleeting System


Hertz (UK) daily rental goes live with Unwired's comprehensive vehicle inspection system for de-fleeting.


12 January 2004 - Vehicle Inspection System Revamped

Final stage testing is currently under way for Version 2 of our vehicle inspection system.  Key features of the new system provide:

  1. The device is now fully compatible for yard environments and includes a vehicle storage location module which enables a handheld to obtain a storage location for parking vehicles in a yard / compound;

  2. The handheld includes a digital camera with a built-in flash, enabling pictures of vehicle to be captured on the one device and attached to the vehicle appraisal details enabling the inspector to take digital photographs of vehicles even during the dark winter months;

  3. The appraisal includes flat-car (kipper views) for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, enabling damage or descriptions of locations to be easily entered, this has been further enhanced allowing and inspector to select multiple flat car files for different vehicle types such as Car, Estate, Truck, Van, MPV;

  4. The device has now provided over 40,000 vehicle inspections to date on our client’s systems, so is a well proven technology in the vehicle appraisal sector.


15 December 2003 - Unwired Provide London Borough Councils with Handheld Consultancy

Unwired Solutions will be providing handheld and wireless device consultancy, investigation and advise to the North London Strategic Alliance (NLSA).  The NLSA was successful in winning a bid from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to develop e-Government solutions to support Crime and Disorder reduction. Consultancy is currently under way with Barnet, Enfield, Waltham Forest and Haringey to develop mobile working solutions for the Environmental Services areas to deal with the following issues;

Street Services, Abandoned Vehicles, Fly tipping, Graffiti, Highways Maintenance, Defective Lighting/Street Lighting and Anti Social Behavior plus other related areas.  Results of the investigation will provide a basis for future mobile systems with borough councils.


10 October 2003 - Another Vehicle Inspection System Installation

Unwired Solutions provide another installation of their Industry leading vehicle inspection system.  Features of the new system include flat car image displays, providing the fastest means possible of providing accurate damage assessment of vehicles.  Other features include a wireless LAN module and integration with a larger number of handheld cameras.


1 June 2003 - London Borough Council go live with Handheld Trial

Unwired Solutions are pleased to announce the go live of a handheld trial at a London Borough Council site.  The trial consists of handheld and backend server software provided by Unwired Solutions.


27 May 2003 - Leasing an 'Unwired Solution' Can Save You Money

Unwired Solutions are now pleased to offer leasing of our solutions to our customers. This provides a whole host of benefits including...

  • The option to add replace or upgrade software or hardware with potentially no increase in monthly payment

  • Impact on cash is reduced by spreading payments over 2 to 5 years (VAT is also spread over the period rather than upfront as when purchasing)

  • Tax relief on monthly payments means that a £10,000 lease could only cost you £8,800, and mean you have cash spare for other purposes

  • Fixed repayments enables easy budgeting

Contact us to for an instant quotation, or to find out more



Jan 2003 - Changes to Our Web Site

As of January 2003, major changes have occurred on the web site. We no longer sell PocketPC software or accessories via on-line ordering and provide no information on wireless products to buy on our site.  Our search facility allows keyword searching of our entire site here to assist you.  If you require a hardware quotation, please contact us by phone or email.


Oct 2002 - Unwired Solutions Ltd Win Bid for Mobile Solution for Beacon Local Authority

Amongst stiff competition Unwired Solutions, in conjunction with White Clarke & Partners, have won a contract to deliver a leading edge mobile solution for one one the UKs most efficient local authorities. More to follow shortly.

Copyright 2004

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