Location Based Systems

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Using our Location Based components we have created a wide variety of applications - Call or email us for a demonstration:

  • Global Positioning and Communications Capabilities - One such application enabled a handheld device to provide voice, SMS Text Messaging and more importantly location based content back to a central server. Unwired utilized the Global Positioning System (GPS) system to provide a location tracking system for street based personnel. A backend server monitored the whereabouts of individuals while the handheld device provided the individuals with voice and text messaging facilities.

  • Interactive Tours using Object Proximity Detection - A handheld museum guide provides the capability of automatically displaying content on wireless handheld "tablet" devices. The system "knows" the location of a user in relation to any number of objects on display and automatically displays content relative to that object, in the users own language.

  • Asset Tracking - We can supply a wireless tagging system which presents a graphical floor plan showing the real-time location of assets, people and other objects within your building or campus. The system can raise security alerts when assets are moved, provide location based lookup to track or trace an item or person and even be linked to backend servers to disseminate the information out to mobile staff located anywhere in the world!

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