Meter Point Quotation Prototype

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Sign-up Client

Having presented the quotation to the client, the sales person can capture the clients other details such as billing address, service address, company name, telephone numbers, e-mail address.  Bank details can be validated e.g. be the Eiger Bank Account validation service.  A credit score could be performed by the server, while the sales person is still with the client, ensuring correct direct-debit details are captured.

The handheld is capable of capturing on-screen signatures, printing off terms and conditions for the client.  While the sales person is still with the client, the quotation and client details can be sent back to the central server ready for processing - the system could even e-mail confirmation of the energy supply back to the client, before the sales person has even left the premises!  All details are validated at every stage, ensuring a smooth sign-up and trouble free energy supply transition for the client.

Back on site, managers can monitor a sales person's performance, review the notes taken by the sales team on failed sales etc.  The

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