Property Appraise

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For use primarily by residential property agents, the system drastically reduces the time to get an accurately described property onto the market.

  • Step 1
    Vendor calls office with property for sale. Office administrator takes vendors details and makes and appointment for an appraisal.

  • Step 2
    Negotiator carries out full market appraisal of property using Property Appraise on handheld device. Digital images can be taken using the in-built camera, and linked to rooms details.

  • Step 3
    After full appraisal a hard copy is printed. Venders check details for accuracy and amendments using Property Appraise.

  • Step 4
    Once the vendor has agreed the property description they can sign on screen there and then.

  • Step 5
    Market appraisal can be on the web minutes after the appointment. Property Appraise is designed to integrate with your existing systems helping to provide a seamless passage of information.

The system allows a property to be quickly and accurately described using common phrases, room sizes and features, and digital images. Images and description data is transmitted back to the office directly into in-house databases or onto the web. 

Previous appraisals can be retrieved, viewed, and printed direct from the device to a portable printer.


Key Features

Appraisal Job Management
Receive notifications and details of new appriasals booked from head office. Complete, send, view, and re-send appraisals as required.
Integrated Device
  Single handheld device incorporating digital camera. Images are automatically "attached" to correct property and room so all data is kept together.
Easy to Use
  Point and click colour touch screen means minimal training
Fast Data Entry
Designed to minimise typing, utilising "intelligent" user interface features.
Preview of Colour Images
  Allows photos to be examined for quality before saving or re-taking
Robust & Efficient Communications
  Designed to allow appraisals to be sent via landline, mobile phone, or docking cradle. Built in redundancy means completed appraisals are never lost, and intelligent data transfer means call durations are kept to the minimum.
Business Benefits

Save Time
Saves time and cost with no re-keying of data. Data entry is smart, and kept to a minimum
Sell More
Get accurate property descriptions into newspapers or in mail-shots before your competition. 
Share Data
Share electronic appraisal data easily with your business partners or customers including upload to web sites
Increased Professionalism
Printed reports, sharing and recalling of appraisals immediately and improved accuracy of data. Project an efficient image to your customers.
Easily modify commonly used phrases and other lists centrally and send them to all devices for consistency.

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