Sales Force Automation

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Laptops are no longer necessary to meet the requirements of a mobile sales force. They can be replaced with machines a fraction of the size and less than half the cost. With a user interface designed to maximise productivity and minimise input (e.g. postcode and bank lookups) customer, and other, information can be captured quickly and easily.

Information can be accessed real-time from corporate servers or held locally on the device and updated overnight. Sales literature, quotations and contracts can be printed directly from the device to a portable printer via infra-red.

Utilising a customer database, tailored to the sales executive, can be synchronised between the device and the back-office system. Complete transactions such as the sale of private healthcare, or asset finance agreements can be completed, including the printing and signing of necessary documentation. Transactions can be held on the device and submitted to the office for batch processing at a later stage, or submitted instantaneously for on-the-spot processing/decision making.

With the added benefit of essential office software such as word processing, spreadsheets, contact management, e-mail and internet access built into the device your sales force can remain productive regardless of their location.

Designed for intelligent client devices, ensures that business can be transacted off-line at any time without the reliance of a costly mobile-phone connection that a thin-client approach would necessitate.

Key Features


Up to date information available instantly
Take your customer database with you, make changes, and synchronise back to the office


Smaller Device
Means less interference in salesman-client communications


Targeted User Interface
Designed to minimise input requirements


Connect via mobile ‘phone or wireless network for live access to corporate data, e.g. live stock checks and up to date pricing of goods and services regardless of location


Sales Literature
Up to date sales literature and knowledge-bases always available on the device


Data Capture
Data capture at the point of generation allows ISO9000 certification where it was not possible before.


Colour touch screen

Increased Personal Productivity
Machines include essential office software and provide remote e-mail and internet access
Business Benefits


Efficiency—saves time and cost
No re-keying of data


Faster decisions
Access your back office business processes


Ability to do the deal when needed
Input data, process, and print documents directly from device


Increased professionalism


Stay ahead of the competition


Salesmen freed up to sell


Continuity of service

Improved accuracy of data capture


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